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The answers are complicated, as many psychologists will tell you.

Wives want nsa Newpoint

However, it mostly boils down to one thing; sexual misbehavior is about power, not sex. Like bullies everywhere, this power play makes them feel better about themselves. According to Dr. Chris Kilmartin, a Professor Emeritus in Psychology at Mary Washington University, cultural messaging for boys and young men growing up has an impact on how men see themselves and see women.

Kilmartin writes that most men are taught from day one to be strong, to be a man, not to show emotion or weakness, not to be submissive to anyone, especially to women. With good parenting, most boys survive these cultural messages and grow up equipped to have Wives want nsa Newpoint relationships with women. They become wounded emotionally, become narcissistic…dead inside, no ability to have empathy for anyone, with a need to bully others to feel better about themselves. For some men, bullying will suffice. However, there are men who get empowered using sexual harassment or sexual Wives want nsa Newpoint to give them the power pill they crave.

These are the serial harassers. On the surface, it may appear that serial harassers do this to impress women. The question for many of us, is when is it going to stop? It will stop when the good men step up. It is natural to ask whether serial harassers can be treated and transformed? In some situations, serial harassers can indeed be trained, especially if companies show they take sexual harassment seriously. Responsible leaders know termination is crucial for egregious sexual harassment, quid pro quo, or repeat offenders of problematic Wives want nsa Newpoint, especially after being put on notice.

They know that they need to honor and reward the men and women who step up to STOP harassment. Everything they say and do matters to the people who watch their every move, so they need to drive this change. Creating a culture of respect starts with them. She has a thirty-year track record providing management consulting to organizations throughout the U. All Blog. She is highly skilled in working with client teams to ensure that DEI and workplace respectful culture programs and commitments are implemented and sustained throughout the organization. She is currently on the NewPoint DEI team to provide ongoing support to client leadership and department he who need guidance in deing strategies that achieve DEI objectives.

Karla has substantial expertise in the non-profit and private sectors, government, and universities. She has deep expertise in sexual assault prevention, education, support, and treatment. She works closely with Dr. Chris Kilmartin, who le the NewPoint team on sexual harassment and sexual assault prevention for NewPoint clients at government agencies, the military, universities, and corporations.

In addition, Dr. For over 20 years, Dr. His skill set highlights include cross-cultural competency and exchange, problem solving and communication, as well as leadership development and strategic planning. He is also working on a digital animation training tool for NewPoint on Diversity and Harassment.

Timothy creates safe space for authentic dialogue and empowering communication regarding personal identities, individual strength and Wives want nsa Newpoint success. Through dialogue facilitation and interactive presentations, Timothy promotes outcomes-based strategies to enhance interpersonal skills and cultural integration. His ten years of experience includes leadership and consulting roles within Higher Education, Federal Government, Public Service and International Development. Timothy has engaged over 4, international visitors from over 80 countries regarding themes of community building, leadership development, as well as diversity and inclusion.

Timothy oversaw university-wide civic engagement campaigns with community partners including The White House. As the current Associate Director of the GW Multicultural Student Services Center, Timothy has fine-tuned engagement of topics related to sexual, gender and religious diversity and inclusion.

He specializes in promoting promising practices for community building and bias response, including development of policy and procedure. Maria has over 15 years of experience as an organizational development trainer, consultant and coach, specializing in diversity and inclusion best practices and high-risk employment issues such as harassment prevention and anti-bullying strategies. She works with federal, corporate and nonprofit organizations, helping everyone from aspiring leaders to senior executives, to build strong, healthy, inclusive organizations.

Postal Service, U. Maria formerly served as the Practice Director for Leadership and Management at Management Concepts, where she led efforts to develop in-person and virtual training and consulting solutions, including a of diversity and inclusion focused projects. Maria also served as a leadership development specialist for the U. Department of State, where she provided training, coaching, and consulting on leadership skills, diversity, inclusion, employee relations, EEO, and global diversity and cultural competence.

Maria served as the Executive Director for the National Multi-Cultural Institute, where she led efforts to develop and deliver customized organizational change initiatives focused on diversity, inclusion, anti-discrimination and harassment, and global diversity competency, for organizations ranging from the International Monetary Fund to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

She ly served as adjunct faculty at George Washington University teaching cultural competence training de. She regularly presents at conferences, including the Training Officers Consortium, Federally Employed Women, and Blacks in Government, on issues of diversity and inclusion. Ardra M. She litigates state and federal court employment related lawsuits and counsels executives, and human resource professionals nation-wide on a full range of issues concerning employer-employee relations including but not limited to: wage disputes, breach of contract claims, employee leave matters, independent contractor classifications and discrimination and harassment claims.

Because of her extensive expertise, Ms. She is also a co-author of Employment Law In Virginia, a comprehensive treatise analyzing the complexities of Virginia employment laws. Kesha Chiappinelli is a Consultant at New Point Strategies and is a subject matter expert on sexual assault in the military. She is committed to the advancement of the military justice system in regard to the prosecution of sexual assault cases.

She is a passionate consultant and trainer who recently completed a successful active duty Air Force career as an Assistant Staff Judge Advocate. Before receiving her commission she completed her legal studies at New York Law School in Kesha was a judicial intern for a New York State Supreme Court Judge in the Commercial Wives want nsa Newpoint where cases of fraud, misrepresentation, derivative actions, and contract disputes are heard. She also had the unique opportunity of interning for a legal analyst at Fox News.

She researched and drafted articles which appeared on the Fox News website. Each topic was hand-picked from current events and the legal facets of each topic were analyzed. Kesha also got an inside look at the inner workings of national television news production via access to the recording studios.

While active duty she was stationed at Beale Air Force, a busy legal office with a heavy caseload. Her work as Trial Counsel included high profile sexual assault cases with multiple victims, child victims and child pornography. Some of the cases were of public interest and required coordination with Public Affairs. Additionally, many of the victims she interviewed were Wives want nsa Newpoint of retaliation. This ignited a passion for helping to eradicate retaliation and reprisal in Wives want nsa Newpoint military. She had the opportunity to put her knowledge of employment law to work when she collaborated with the AUSA in Sacramento and an Air Force Civilian attorney on a discrimination case involving civilian employees.

Together with the AUSA they coordinated multiple interviews of civilian employees and deposed the alleged victim. She also drafted lengthy internal reports and interrogatories in an effort to find a resolution. Daisy Lung is an expert on sexual assault prevention for NewPoint Strategies.

She provides research and data to the NewPoint team on a range of sexual misconduct issues and recommends services for professional assistance. She specializes in crisis counseling and advocacy for survivors of gender based violence. Her hands on support includes accompanying survivors to police interviews, medical forensic exams and court hearings. She has built strong partnerships with state agencies and local governments as well as nonprofit organizations and is currently an active member of the following:. Gugig has over 25 years of -oriented experience in the Training and Organizational Development arena.

Gugig is the principal of Professional Training Strategies, a business consulting organization that provides services on a national basis to privately held companies as well as not for profit organizations. Professional Training Strategies provides training, organizational development, executive development and operations support to organizations in order to efficiently and effectively implement their business strategies, goals and values.

Prior to starting Professional Training Strategies, Ms. In that role, she was responsible for all business training initiatives for the New York Metropolitan area while managing and mentoring a team of Wives want nsa Newpoint than 30 training professionals. The success of this team was due in part to Ms. In this role, she was responsible for ensuring the development and skill acquisition of all training professionals in compliance and business matters in order to build a world class training organization. Gugig received her Master and Bachelor Degrees with Honors. She is committed to the eradication of sexual harassment and is a dedicated and passionate consultant, trainer, facilitator and coach.

Rachel enlisted the first seven years of her Air Force AF career then was selected for a commissioning program. She earned her second lieutenant bars and became a human resources officer for the remaining 14 years. As a result, she was instrumental in a of AF-level initiatives. Proving her mettle on these critical documents, she handled a variety of sensitive tasks to include co-author on a courses of action package to the AF Vice Chief of Staff to gain approval in creating a training requirement for t based civilians who were EEO personnel converting to AF positions.

Wives want nsa Newpoint

She was a natural choice to serve as lead of the t Complaint Processing working group, meticulously researching similarities and differences among the services and components as a stepping stone to devising innovative proposals for an evolving t Base and service-integrated deployment environment. She maintained direct oversight over logistics, resources, technologies, briefings, and the were nothing short of phenomenal.

She was the first military member of the AF-level Barrier Analysis Working Group, investigating ways to overcome Wives want nsa Newpoint towards providing a diverse civilian AF workforce. Rachel is a life-long learner and has earned her associates, bachelors, masters and PhD degrees.

Her PhD dissertation study focused on sexual harassment experiences and tolerance levels, analyzing the similarities and differences among and between male and female active duty Equal Opportunity Advisors.

Wives want nsa Newpoint

She enjoys family, friends, and staying physically fit while volunteering for organizations within her community. She deed and conducted pay equity studies for the City of Albuquerque and City of New Orleans which were the first- in- the- nation gender pay equity initiatives at the city level. These studies included project oversight, de of reporting procedures, and statistical analysis of gender pay gaps, both for city employees as well as city contractors.

She has provided several private sector consultancies governed by non-disclosure agreements. As Money Editor for Ms. Magazine, Martha produces columns on the politics of money as it pertains to women, including equal pay, family leave, minimum wage, and other topics.

Martha is a syndicated columnist, gender issues, distributed by Other Words to newspapers nationwide. In this project, she deed and implemented first- in- the- nation gender pay equity initiative at the state level, including gender pay equity analysis of 17, State of New Mexico employees, and statistical analysis of gender pay Wives want nsa Newpoint from entities contracting with the State.

Wives want nsa Newpoint

Martha consulted with the U. Department of Labor, Obama Administration, and produced working papers and one-on-one consulting with Secretary of Labor and principals of the EEOC on process and outcomes on gender equity initiatives. For the National Academy of Sciences, Obama Administration, she provided consultation, and presentations regarding New Mexico pay equity initiatives.

For the U. Department of State, Clinton, W. Martha serves on the following Boards: U. National Committee for U. Wives want nsa Newpoint has a B. S, University of Houston, M. S, and Ph. Contact: His primary role is to provide consulting to NewPoint Strategies clients in the area of EEO compliance, complaint investigations, Affirmative Action, diversity, and harassment prevention training. Gupta has worked with NewPoint Strategies in providing consulting and training on employment issues for numerous government agencies and private clients.

He represented the Commission in Wives want nsa Newpoint litigation, headed a Policy Development branch, and served as an administrative judge for class actions. National Archives. Gupta received masters of laws degrees from the university of Delhi, Columbia University, and the New York University. He graduated at the top of his law school classes at the University or Delhi.

He also has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Delhi.

Wives want nsa Newpoint

Supreme Court Bar, and the bars of several U. Courts of Appeals and District Courts. Lewis has served as an instructional technology producer for NewPoint Strategies on wide range of educational and training programs.

Wives want nsa Newpoint

Due to his knowledge of both production and technologies he has been instrumental in translating curriculum into web-based and computer based training CBT platforms, as well as supporting a variety of distance learning programs.

Wives want nsa Newpoint

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