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Jump to. You have to be creative to get the attention of the 18—22 set. It worked. The campus ministry house was full to bursting for those talks. In one session, two married clergy of differing orientations and races led a discussion about premarital sex.

With passion and emotion, students discussed how to live a life in Christ while being in committed, sexually intimate relationships. After an hour or so, the clergy shared their beliefs, stating that they agreed with the position of our denomination: sex belongs only within the sanctity of marriage. Engaged discussion Woman looking for sex in Copeland to silence, then anger and fear.

One young woman broke down in tears. The students had made themselves vulnerable, and their church had shut the door in their faces. Mainline churches have struggled to express a theology, ethics, or spirituality of sexuality. The liberal church I attended while growing up was silent on the issue despite being quite vocal on many others. In my twenties I turned a few times to evangelical websites, looking for any kind of theology of singleness and sexuality that I could relate to.

Written in ordinary, funny, earthy language, the chapters address sexual fantasy, gender difference, marriage, our sexual past, masturbation, foreplay, machismo, infidelity, aging, celibacy, and the sexuality of Jesus. Sex and the Spirit is biblical.

Woman looking for sex in Copeland

Copeland and Rosenberger rely heavily on the Song of Solomon; creation; the complicated relationship between Abram, Sarai, and Hagar; the treatment of women as property in the Old Testament, the wedding at Cana, and the letters of Paul. I am grateful that these two authors do. Copeland and Rosenberger tell the story of an upstanding married couple in one of their churches who were arrested for engaging in sexual activity in a parked car and offer their example as one that should perhaps be admired. Copeland and Rosenberger want readers to come away from their book believing that the words sexy and Christian belong together.

Woman looking for sex in Copeland

This book is primarily about married sexuality. The authors do not devote a chapter to premarital sex, which my campus community so longed to comprehend in a faith context. But Copeland and Rosenberger offer a lot of information that would be of interest to any Christian asking questions about spiritually healthy sexuality. Augustine, had a worthy opponent in his contemporary Julian of Eclanum, who, according to the authors, spoke the mind of the Christian mainstream at that time.

The format of the book is sometimes clumsy. The more conversations we can have in our churches about sexuality and spirituality, the fuller the lives of Woman looking for sex in Copeland Christians in our churches will become. I hope church leaders will take the risk of reading and sharing this book and engaging in the awkward but life-giving conversations it will inspire. Anyone who thinks that Sex and the Spirit are in any way incompatible has obviously never heard the music of Reverend Al Green.

In Review :. Sex and the Spirit By Verlee A. Copeland and Dale B. Rosenberger Pilgrim Press Buy from Bookshop. Share Tweet.

Woman looking for sex in Copeland

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Woman looking for sex in Copeland Woman looking for sex in Copeland

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