Woman looking real sex Brenda

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Anybody with me?? Comment down below and tell me if anyone you grew up with talked about pleasure!?

Woman looking real sex Brenda

I have come to Woman looking real sex Brenda and experience that we are, I am, you are - deed for pleasure. Sure, the pain decision is sometimes more socially accepted. But, pleasure… that takes me into my unique self-expression. I am super passionate about this topic and would gladly coach or create a program for it! Do you think sex can be a gateway to your own personal, professional and spiritual awakening? My podcast guest, Dominey Drew and I, as we discuss how sex and pleasure play a role in our awakening at all levels. Dominey and I will share very personal stories - you might want to grab your headphones - and open up about our own awakenings.

This episode of Liberate Your People Pleaser may stretch your current paradigm about awakening… so I encourage you to open your heart and mind and us for this amazing conversation! Listen to the episode HERE. PS This is in the show notes, but to make it easy…. We get so wrapped up in what we think other people want and need, we can lose track of our own wants and needs. That can be disastrous in the bedroom. Trust me, I know. Woman looking real sex Brenda to it HERE. Please DM me or me if you need support in this area. You do not need to figure it out alone.

I never have to have sex again! We can have sex. We can say yes, when we want to say no. Our bodies were made for pleasure. If we show up and are present, it unusually turns out to be pretty good! How do we get our power back in the bedroom?

Woman looking real sex Brenda

How do we stop saying yes when we mean no, or prioritizing what our partner wants over what we want? What gives you the most pleasure. What is fun to you. So… If I made it to sexual pleasure and freedom, you can too!

Woman looking real sex Brenda

This is a perfect issue to get some one-on-one coaching for. You can have fantastic sex and feel authentic power in the bedroom.

Woman looking real sex Brenda

Never learn. Never change. You may not think about yourself as being on the road to enlightenment, but I bet you want to grow. I love being irreverent. We typically imagine it as quiet, proper, probably a vegetarian and celibate or at least not openly enthusiastic about steak and sex, like I am! All of us, in every shape, style and personality type is pursuing enlightenment in our own way. I started Cocktails and Coaching because of this seeming dichotomy. Accessing our inner wisdom, seeking truth, seeking to know ourselves and the Divine on a deeper level and… having a cocktail in the process!

Kai has an amazing YouTube channel you can go to and hear her amazing wisdom. She channels higher consciousness and she shares my passion for discussing sex, sexuality and personal power within our sexuality. Ask your Woman looking real sex Brenda, on any topic, right here. See you Wednesday as we pursue our enlightenment along with a glass of wine, martini, Kombucha, tea or whatever suits your beautiful, authentic self!

Stop for a moment and think about one thing, that if you experienced radical change in that area, would ificantly improve your life. What is yours? What if you devoted three hours of your time, not even three in a row? Three hours, over one or two months, and you experienced radical change, would it be worth it to you? Three hours. Radical change. If your answer is no, then I recommend you stop telling yourself that the issue is important.

If the change you want isn't worth three hours of your time and a little bit of money go back to your bank statement and look at everything you spend money on that isn't food, gas, and bills. Now, I'm going to invite you to create radical change in three hours. How will you do it? It's simple. My clients experience radical change all the time. In three sessions they transform their businesses, their lives, their finances, their relationships, their sex life, whatever the issue is that they bring to the coaching session, my clients experiences change.

It's freakishly effective! As an entrepreneur, you know that your level of confidence effects every aspect of your business. By the time we finished our session she had several ificant insights that increased her self-confidence. I Woman looking real sex Brenda coaching women into transformation in their sex lives. Most of us have tons of baggage, if not trauma, that impacts our sex lives, ificantly. Coaching this client to feel and find the power of her sexual energy, was a joy for me and her. I'm sure her hubby was pretty happy too! They needed practical advice for financing, planning, strategy and marketing for their business.

But, that's never everything an entrepreneur needs.

Woman looking real sex Brenda

Mindset is where it all starts or stops. You can have the best strategy in the world, but if your mindset is negative, you feel unworthy, you lack confidence, you don't think you're smart enough or went to the 'right' school or have a college degree, your mindset will silently sabotage every strategy you put into place. I worked with these clients to free their limiting mindset and get some great strategies in place. The cool thing is that when you're ready, change is ready.

It's been waiting for you.

Woman looking real sex Brenda

Book a 15 minute call with me. In 15 minutes you and I will both know if we are a good match and if I can help you with your specific issue.

Woman looking real sex Brenda

If I can't help you, I'll do my best to refer you to someone who can. Use this link to book the call. It's free and there's no obligation. This is where your radical change begins. Plan on spending three hours, that's one session, for one hour, over the next four to eight weeks. We'll have our sessions by phone so you don't need to travel or do anything other than be available and present during our call. You'll also want to bring an attitude of change with you. Be open and willing to radically change.

Radical change is worth thousands of dollars, practically, emotionally and energetically. I can't wait to talk to you on our 15 minute call. There is nothing that thrills me more than coaching a person to their personal radical change! The second episode of Q's for the Sex Queen out and ready for viewing! Headphones are a good idea. In this episode I answer questions about orgasms and aging, experimenting with a new variation of sex, or whether not to, sex as a way to created present moment awareness and more!

No two episodes are alike and Woman looking real sex Brenda questions are submitted anonymously on my website so people ask interesting, honest questions. If you want to submit a question for the next episode, use this link.

Woman looking real sex Brenda

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