Women from Sacramento California

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Two figures who were instrumental in making Sacramento the city that it is today are Luella Johnston and Margaret Crocker. These women helped forge the way for generations to come and helped change the face of Sacramento forever. The first woman elected to the office of City Council in the state of California, Luella Johnston may also have been the first woman elected to any public office in any United States city.

Born in New Hampshire inLuella moved Women from Sacramento California to California as and, as a teenager, became a schoolteacher in San Francisco prior to marrying Alfred Johnston, a man who ran a printing press in Sacramento. His successful business landed him an appointment as the Superintendent of State Printing, a position that was soon made an elected office, which he won.

Women from Sacramento California

Helping to implement lasting changes in the region, with everything from the creation of new parks — including McKinley Park — to the banning new bars in residential areas, The Tuesday Club was an important political player in Sacramento. As projects take Women from Sacramento California in the Sacramento Railyards, what will happen to the brick buildings that have stood in place for almost years?

During her time as president, the council brought about the creation of a new high school, the addition of a receiving matron Women from Sacramento California the city hospital, and the addition of name plates to every city street. The list goes on to include street electrification, installation of public drinking fountains and residential mailboxes, building a public swimming pool and more. Also a leader in the local suffragette movement, Luella played an important role in helping win women the right to vote in California, which was a pivotal point on the road to eventually winning the right to vote on the national level.

Her accomplished civic work, coupled with her experience in successful political campaigning, prepared her to run for City Council in In addition to public support from these organizations, Luella utilized her polished skills in organizing and campaigning to her benefit. She had an army of women behind her candidacy, handing out endorsement cards and rallying women to the polls on election day. A philanthropist whose kindness, generosity, and gift of art left an indelible mark on Sacramento.

Born in Ohio and living in Indiana asMargaret moved to California with her husband Edwin Crocker to his brothers who had found success as merchants in Gold Rush era Sacramento. Margaret was bedridden with typhoid fever with the great fire in broke out. Unable to move from her bed, she was carried to G Street on her mattress to keep her safely upwind of the Women from Sacramento California.

Following the blaze that destroyed their home, a levee broke causing the river to flood the new home they had only just settled into. Fire and flood set them back but never stopped them. The Crockers endured hardship with pioneer spirit and rose from every challenge triumphantly. An attorney by trade, Edwin was a catalyst in the formation of the California Republican party and an active politician.

The founding members of this club — Edwin aside — would go on to become to alter both California and United States history as the Big Four : the men responsible for the facilitation and creation of the Central Pacific Railroad. While Edwin provided council for these men, he had a long, successful career as a well-respected attorney and, later, judge. In the meantime, Margaret had established a reputation of her own for her charitable donations. Known to take food and flowers from her own garden to the homes of those who were in need or ill, Margaret enjoyed spending her time helping others.

Art lovers both, the Crockers returned from a two year trip abroad with four railroad cars of drawings and paintings and immediately began construction on a large scale gallery attached to their home that included a ballroom, ornate library, billiards room, bowling alley, and skating rink. A Tour of the Sacramento Railyards Districts. Take a tour through The Railyards, explore the 5 distinct districts within the plan area, and discover the highly-anticipated projects underway in each. By deeding both to the City of Sacramento — under the condition that the California Museum Association occupy the premises and act as custodian of the property — Margaret Crocker left her mark forever on Sacramento history.

While her charity and kindness are never to be forgotten, the gift of art that she left to her city is her most lasting legacy. While their contributions to Sacramento history were vastly different, these women both have one Women from Sacramento California in common.

Their names will always be synonymous with Sacramento and their legacies will never be forgotten. Want to stay up to date? The Railyards Built on values.

Women from Sacramento California

Projects Current development projects. Major League Soccer Stadium. Kaiser Permanente Hospital.

Women from Sacramento California

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Women from Sacramento California

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