Working in thailand as a foreigner

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Thailand is the second-biggest economy in Southeast Asia and has welcomed millions of foreign retirees, expats, and workers in the past decades. Here, you can find numerous Japanese, German, and manufacturers from other countries who set up assembly operations. In this article, we explain how you can find a job in Thailand, about the job market, the requirements to work there as a foreigner, the best cities to look for jobs, and more.

You can look for jobs in various ways and you can also combine the options. This is the most effective way if you want to land a job quickly. For foreigners who have stayed in Thailand for a while, some options might be better than for persons who just arrived.

Working in thailand as a foreigner

This is one of the most common ways of finding jobs, not only in Thailand but in many other places in the world. One of the benefits of having and nurturing a wide network of people is that you will manage the hiring process ificantly easier. The best way of expanding your network in any given city is to attend events, socialize, and actively try to connect with people.

People are often more than helpful. Thailand has many job boards available and that allows you to start looking for jobs even before you enter the country. It can be preferable to start looking for jobs a couple of months before you depart from your home country, to build up some kind of record. Some of the best job boards that you should have a look at are:.

Working in thailand as a foreigner

Also, ThaiNGO : is an excellent site for those looking to work in international development. This portal is constantly updated with offers from simple unpaid internships, up to particularly important positions. LinkedIn is inevitably one of the best websites to connect with recruiters at companies.

Simply add them to your network and introduce yourself and your goals. You can also connect with hiring managers directly. This is a great option if you want to maximize your exposure to local companies. Most recruitment agencies allow you to submit your online and you can also call or send s to recruiters via the contact information on vacancies online. Inthe most popular jobs were in:. With the increased digitization, we also see a particularly big demand for highly-skilled tech workers, such as programmers and data scientists.

There are also plenty of applications for sales roles.

Working in thailand as a foreigner

That said, many of the roles require that you have a unique skill or experience that cannot be found among local applicants. Thus, landing a job in Thailand is easier said than done and you can get hired ificantly faster if you have developed a network there. Before you can start working in Thailand you need to have a work permit.

The permit shows your occupation, position in the company, or job description, and the Thai company you work for. To get a work permit, you first need to have a non-immigration visa being obtained before you enter Thailand. To get granted a work permit, you have Working in thailand as a foreigner prepare the following documents:. Keep in mind that you also have to bring and keep the work permit at your workplace and during work hours. Besides, you can only do the job as stated in the permit and for that specific employer.

Working in thailand as a foreigner

Both non-residents and residents are taxed on income derived from business or employment in Thailand. Thailand taxes both residents and non-residents on income derived from employment or business carried out in Thailand, regardless of whether it is paid in or outside of Thailand.

The tax rates are comparatively low in Thailand and persons who are aged 65 or above also receive a tax exemption on the first THBof their taxable income. Before you start looking for jobs in Thailand, you have to understand which cities are most interesting and where you can find the most job opportunities.

Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the world and the capital of Thailand.

Working in thailand as a foreigner

With a population of almost 10 million people, Bangkok is generally the best city if you look for jobs in Thailand. Worth mentioning is that Bangkok is home to all foreign banks and insurance companies in Bangkok. Thus, if you look for a job in banking or ing, you should have Bangkok at the top of your list. Chiang Mai is famous for its laid back atmospheremany temples, mountains, and foreigners who do yoga and meditation.

Phuket is a vibrant resort island that attracts plenty of foreigners. You can also find a job in IT and teaching. The majority of foreigners that I Working in thailand as a foreigner in Bangkok taught English. Why is this profession so popular among the so-called Farang? The main reason is that the education sector, particularly that of English, is what offers the majority of job opportunities, and is the easiest to get. The level of English of the Thai population is very low, and to remedy this situation that is more than just a little embarrassing, the government has decided to raise the level of a foreign language, hiring foreigners considered by the Thais as the only ones who can effectively speak English wellmainly because of their mother tongue.

In recent years the Thai government has also introduced a new criterion for being allowed to teach English in their schools: possession of a three-year degree, the so-called Bachelors. For those discovered to be working illegally in Thailand, there are some hefty fines.

Working in thailand as a foreigner

You could also be deported from the country and be barred from entering the country for many years. The worst eventuality is a prison! Many foreigners in fact work with day tourist visas, after which they are obligated to leave the country or request a day extension to then re-enter and repeat the process after two months. Sapore di Cina is a website that provides first-hand information about living and traveling in Asia. You can check our About Us to learn more. Start Here! Select your travel itinerary 2.

Pick your favorite type of accomodation 3. Add travel insurance optional 4.

Working in thailand as a foreigner

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Working in thailand as a foreigner

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