Writerartist seeks nice guy to date

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The Artist Date is a dream-child of Julia Cameron, helping readers learn how to become a better writer. An Artist Date can be life-changing.

Writerartist seeks nice guy to date

It can open your creativity like nothing else. Today, we sit on the dock to ponder the dark. Here in Florida, winter means putting on a fleece jacket, a hat and warm socks if I go walking on the beach. Our winter, such as it is on this channel island, is gray, misty and windy.

The wind is the worst. If you try and paddle out into Mosquito Lagoon you will most likely never leave dockside, which is why I have taken up residence on my favorite dock this day. My knees are tight to my chest as I survey the cold, gray water and deserted beach.

Writerartist seeks nice guy to date

The wind is beating the waves into froth on their way into shore. Most people are either home or taking part in post-Thanksgiving shopping. Not even the birds are stirring today. I am sitting on the dock with a murky, weak sun that never comes out from behind the heavy cloud cover. Today it will completely disappear far earlier than seems right.

I am wondering what it is about the darkest part of the year that seems to frighten or discomfort people. The fear of the dark and the cold made sense when humans had reason to fear starvation or freezing to death. Feasting in the darkest part of the year around the time of the winter solstice was their way of celebrating the end of the brutal cold, short days of winter and the hopeful arrival of warmer, longer days of spring.

Are we still reacting to a fear of the dark at some primal level? Is there some part of us that believes the sun might not come up tomorrow morning? That must seem silly to the modern mind as it hides the last piece of pie. I wonder what would happen if we could actually be quiet and make peace with the dark for a time, so we could really appreciate what the Writerartist seeks nice guy to date of the light and warmer days might mean.

The muted sun is sinking lower and the sky growing darker as I think about my simple traditions for the weeks ahead. A good part of my holiday season will be spent watching migrating birds coming in to nest herons, pelicans, roseate spoonbills, wood storks, and geese. The children in my life will appear at various points to visit.

Writerartist seeks nice guy to date

And throughout it all, the stars will wheel above me Orion, Lynx, and Cassiopeiaand the ocean will ebb and flow. Image by VinothChandar. Used with permission. Post by Kathryn Neel. How to become a better writer? Browse Artist Dates for inspiration, then head out on your own. Read a poem a day, become a better poet. I want to do that.

Writerartist seeks nice guy to date

I really enjoyed your article, gray days of rain and no sun can really stroke the south in winter. After the holidays I always have a visit with my Oncology Doctor who I love dearly. Different faces, different stories every year, someone always makes you feel blessed because their story is grime. Besides feeling like you have the flu it puts me into a great depression. One year I cried everyday for three weeks over nothing and then it just went away.

Writerartist seeks nice guy to date

These are gray days when you never leave your chair or bed. So this year I want something better, this year I look forward to brighter days that will carry me into the New Year. No poem from me today, just honest, open feelings about gray days. What a beautiful whisper, a soft rallying cry to simplify. There is such a calm in grey. The neutral, the natural, the monochromatic beauty. Your words are a soothing balm. And I want to wiggle my nose and land right there. This is lovely. And watching the migrating birds, sigh, a favorite way to just abide and enjoy the ebb and flow of patterns in creation.

You will laugh, before it was an Artist Date it was a poem, like most everything I write. I really love your version though! Gray wet sand, pressed down hard. Sky meets ocean all in one blur. Dampness, you can smell it. Just seagulls circle above my head, looking for a bite. Smelling dead fish and smelling wet sand. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Patron Love.

Author Recent Posts. Kathryn Neel. Kathryn Neel used to travel the world for her tech job, and she visited restaurants, bakeries, and chocolate makers along the way. She learned a great deal about making chocolate and eventually founded Sappho Chocolates. Latest posts by Kathryn Neel see all. Comments I want to do that. Lovely essay, Kathryn. I found a poem in it. The Dark Discomfort Winter is walking on my favorite beach. I take up residence on the dock, knees tight to chest, survey the sky the sun means to leave post-Thanksgiving gray. Shore birds disappear behind a cloud cover of heavy fleece, quiet somehow a primal fear of the Writerartist seeks nice guy to date discomfort.

Not even the pelicans and herons go shopping for the last piece of life the wind deserted on cold, murky waves. Yes, gray days take many forms. Maureen, You will laugh, before it was an Artist Date it was a poem, like most everything I write. Well, I want to read your version. Thank you for the kind words Writerartist seeks nice guy to date the inspiration.

I came back and read your thoughts again so I wrote a bit of a poem about where you had been.

Writerartist seeks nice guy to date

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