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Why on earth would pastors and church leaders have a hard time attending church of all things? Strangely, not always. You can talk to thousands of people who used to volunteer or lead at a church who will tell you they no longer attend. Pastors who used to lead a church who now just sleep in on Sundays and have given up on all forms of the local church. Please understand, I know the local church is not perfect. But I honestly do believe the promise of the local church is greater than the problems of the local church. And I realize the Church as Christ sees it is bigger than any local church.

And a little disclosure here. I wonder:. So who are you really? A preacher? A musician? A worship leader? A student director? An elders? An usher? A group leader? A staff member? Before you dismiss this, do this simple test that Tim Keller offers.

Yummy Syracuse New York eyed shy woman

Largely because people are messy, flawed, disappointing and at times deeply hurtful. And we live on this side of heaven. Hurt, unresolved, breeds cynicism. Part of maturity involves realizing that I contribute to messy sausage making. I am part of the problem. And so is almost every leader who has abandoned church.

Jesus never said we would be known for our perfection. But he did say we would be known by our love. Love owns my share. Love forgives. Love reconciles. Love works toward a better tomorrow. Why did he make that transition this way? Musicians critique the music.

Guest services people criticize greeters. Graphic de people laugh at other des. Originally all of us got into ministry after we decided to become followers of Jesus. That following should never stop. A leader who can only lead but not follow is actually not a great leader. And certainly not a godly leader. You are the church. But, for reasons outlined hereI think the church is so much stronger when we are together, not when we are apart. While we can all use some rehab in a back row of a church somewhere from season to season, ultimately, every follower of Christ has a role to play in the local church.

So does that help? I realize these reasons will not address every issue, and that some will flail against any organized church no matter Yummy Syracuse New York eyed shy woman anyone says.

Yummy Syracuse New York eyed shy woman

But so many leave unnecessarily. If any of these reasons are true, what will you do about them? I know that working through them has kept my passion and hope for the local church strong, even if it flickers in the wind some days. Please leave a comment. Your points are well taken — many of us NEED to be involved in things, not just follow. And this is problematic with personalities like ours that are also Christian, becuase we are Followers first and foremost like you pointed out.

Toss in church politics, bureaucracy, and incompetencies Point 3 and its a recipe for losing touch on the REAL reason why we ed in the first place. Most of the comments here still do not get this. Every church volunteer and leader should review your other points and take note.

Yummy Syracuse New York eyed shy woman

I have already read out this content. Thanks for sharing this informative information. I am waiting for your next information. I was unfortunately sexually approached by the married pastor of my then- current church of 3 years. I quietly left my board postition at the end of my term and slowly quit singing. My wife noticed immediately. I endured this for a year before I imploded emotionally. I was targeted. I opened up to my wife and presented the taped sermons and written timeline. She accused me of being jealous and divorced me.

She too was a leader. My two younger children 4, 7 had no say and were taken from me also via the final child custody court order. I lived my life watching my children grow as an outsider looking in. They are all adults now and I never gave up. We have gone through painful discussions and have tried to heal. The manipulation and horrible mind games I endured make it very difficult to trust any person, pastor or layman, with my mind and I refuse to ever turn that level of vulnerability over to another again. I still struggle 16 years later with the sense of isolation and the 2nd level of victimization when someone comes forward with sexual accusation within the church which go unbelieved.

I trust God had a purpose which will be revealed to me on the other side. Loved reading your comments. It is like going to weddings, I love looking at my husband during the vow part, even after 30 years of my own marriage. Started serving in the church in 4th grade teaching younger kids using flannelgraph now you know how old I am! Let me explain those 3 simple words. Some date nights we find ourselves exhausted and all the energy we can muster is just watching or napping through a movie. And other date nights, we seem to really connect.

I think in our humanness, this is the best we can expect with our earthly spouse. Sure, some weeks it feels like my date falls flat. But then there are the weeks when I pay attention, and then I get just the right word or the Holy Spirit whispers something to me, and I feel like my date was awesome. So I keep dating Jesus each week as a healthy life routine. Sure, I live with Him inside me all week and Yummy Syracuse New York eyed shy woman do a lot of business all week, but my date with Him at church, well, that really just brings our relationship the consistency a committed relationship deserves, week after week, no matter what.

What I know is this: I keep dating Jesus. Church is about me and my ability to consistently love Him and His bride in any environment. It is about me constantly being stretched and consistently growing. It is about me fully feeling pain, joy, sorrow, loss, and frustration, and allowing Jesus to help me with those feelings. Going to church is me practicing forgiveness well, like discharging an old battery on a concrete floor.

And oh yes, I too have great reasons not to go to church. Growth seems to be never done! All this can be quite challenging to ignore on a good day and fend off on a bad day. Hurt comes in many forms from many different directions and on many different fronts. Thank you, Jesus, for understanding my pain and modeling true love. Paul said it similarly in 2 Timothy that he has fought a good fight, finished the Yummy Syracuse New York eyed shy woman, and kept the faith. Our lives are nothing less than one ministry opportunity after another, to Yummy Syracuse New York eyed shy woman over and over.

Our placement of service may not be of our choosing — when does a servant get to tell the master what job they are going to do? Contrary, we start over as things change. Yes, we may find ourselves unappreciated and at the bottom. Yes, downsizing hurts pride. Yes, encouraging just one person seems undervaluing, wasteful, and maybe even overindulgent. Yes, discrimination pokes at our need for equality or affirmation or justice.

But why should we be appreciated more than Jesus was?! You are in the perfect place for Jesus to do some heart and attitude surgery in preparation for your next mission, should you accept it. Do relationship with Him and keep dating Jesus. BJ thanks for sharing your Love letter with us, you have such an honest and realistic vision of your calling. I thank God for leading me to the site where I met a testimony about manuka temple who has done a lot of for people.

Yummy Syracuse New York eyed shy woman

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